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Yes, that is them sharing a bed, all decent-like and sweet and like an old married couple :)

For those who can't read the text: 
Dear Teddy, You are without a doubt the best boyfriend in the entire world. You're kind. You're generous. You threaten to maim people for me. You're forgiving. At least I hope you'll be. I know I'd be angry if you did anything remotely this stupid. But please don't worry. It's not like I'm planning to invade Latveria, confront Doctor Doom and rescue the Scarlet Witch tonight. At least that's not the plan--->

Oh, Billy, you so crazy. Earlier, Teddy went almost full Hulk plus giant wings and towered over Pietro, being all threatening and shiz. And I mean threatening. As someone said over on the fan comm for young avengers, "I don't think I've seen Teddy that angry since Iron Lad...."

I won't post more than this since reading it yourself would be a heck of a treat. Just have to say, nothing much happened in terms of events (you know, other than finding Wanda) but A LOT HAPPENED with the characters and I think this might be my favorite one so far. (which isn't saying much, one out of three, I know, but still)

Buy it. Buy it now. Avengers Children's Crusade 3.


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