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In part 4 of 4, Tim Clyde and Shiva infiltrate Dorrance's tower and do battle with the King Snake himself.

(parts 1, 2, and 3 here)

I can't disagree with Clyde; Shiva is getting off on this way too much. Part of what I like about this mini is the sense that Tim is still very much a child, although he's wiser than the adults he's hanging out with. He's caught up in the emotional dramas of Clyde and Shiva and doesn't yet have the independence he'd become known for.

Dorrance certainly owns some weird statuary. Is that a sculpture of a boy in panties and pixie boots in the background there?! He's being caressed by a winged man too; if this is symbolic, I'm not quite sure what it's referencing. Dick and his "flying Grayson" father, perhaps? Jason and the angel of death? And I'm not even going to touch on the horned (bat-eared?) dude in the foreground with the weirdly rectangular bulge.

Meanwhile Tim makes sure that the plague weapon is safe for the time being, then follows to see if Clyde is ok.

I did mention before that Dorrance is blind, right?

I wish I could have posted the entire fight scene, but... here's the denouement anyway.

I'm sure you can guess what Tim's answer to Shiva was.
Surprisingly he makes no effort to save Dorrance here. He merely comments that fifty floors is a long way to fall, before heading down to the basement to dismantle the bio-weapon.

Now that the plague threat has been averted Tim still has a few more loose ends to tie up in Gotham. He goes to the docks to intercept a shipment of Dorrance's drug-money.

So that was Lynx's punishment. Pretty grim. (I have no idea why Tim is making the 'gun' gesture with his finger here. Any suggestions?)

That's a novel interpretation of Batman's motives, but not one I'd fully agree with. Bruce has always been so focused on results that I see it more as him wanting to save himself through saving the world. The fact that he DOES make a difference is absolutely vital to him.


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