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Awesome/Tragic/Defining Spider-man Moments Part 1

Don't care,please hate on BND somewhere else.These are just great Spider-man scenes that I feel really reflect the character well and his world. This is from Spectacular Spider-man 200, Harry tries to get a final confrontation with Peter and Harry trap him in a exploding building but two people show up, his son and Mary Jane, this issue was longer then usual so(42 page story) seven pages.

Please keep in Mind no BND/OMD/ ranting please I have enough head aches as is
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I always wanted to read this story. Any idea if it's collected?
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I've been seriously considering posting several bits of JM DeMatteis' wonderful, wonderful run on Spectacular Spider-Man. Particularly "Soul of the Hunter" and "The Child Within," the sequels to "Kraven's Last Hunt," the second of which featured crucial Harry Osborn stuff that led to this amazing issue you posted.

Pound for pound, JMD is my very favorite Spidey writer, and it's a crime that he isn't recognized as one of the greats beyond "Kraven."
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This was one of the best resolutions to a villain's story in comics.
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.... what is happening.... my chest.... my eyes... they are leaking... this... is not possible... peter? mj? is that you?.... this is spider-man?
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Your chest is leaking? xD You should have that checked.

ANYWAY, this kinda just made me tear up a bit. Really one of the best scenes in Spiderman EVER.

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Poor Harry. I won't go into a OMD rant, because yeah, enough of that, but was it really worth bringing him back if it undid great stuff like this in the process?
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Oh, Harry. I mean, DAMN.
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Great art, too.