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Awesome/Tragic/Defining/Chessy/Comedy Spider-man Moments Part 4!

Ah time for comedy,now time to introduce SPidey's best alternate identity ever, now the story goes is that the Grizzly and Gibbon get kidnapped by the White Rabbit and only Spidey can save them, but he can't become Spidey so he does the only thing he can, get's a grocery bag. Five Pages.

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Ha ha, awesome. This is one of the best Spiderman related things I've ever seen. I love it when he has to wear a bag on his head.

(Though how it stays on is beyond me...)
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He keeps it stuck on with his wall-crawling powers, obviously. :)

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I loved that comic.

it was the first time I ever saw White Rabbit.

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Speaking of awesome Spidey stuff... Anyone can post that story that (eventually) lead to Peter and Felicia getting together?

It involved Dock Ock and a bomb, Jeanne DeWolff hitting Ock with a car, a war with The Owl and general awesomeness.

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That's the problem! I don't know.

It should be right after Peter broke up with Deb Whitman. But I have no idea of the issue #'s.

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Aww, I was kind of hoping, when I saw the mention of a paper bag, that this might be the moments after Peter leaves the symbiote at the Baxter Building and has to borrow a F4 costume and wear a paper bag while having a heart to heart with Johnny.

I love it when Peter and Johnny get to be friends, and not just superheroic acquaintances. That doesn't happen nearly often enough for me.

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And runs smack into a bunch of press photographers. Yeah, that's a good scene - it's one of the few where you see Spidey genuinely, unambiguously panicked.
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The rabbits gnawed through...their CHAINS!?

Those are some bunnies.

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Well, look at 'em. They've got TUSKS, and they eat people.

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I love how Spidey takes the opportunity to be an even bigger ham than usual, and even makes up a whole new origin for himself. He may have the old Parker luck, but really, you CANNOT say that this is a man who doesn't love his work. "Ho ho ho - the Bag-Man laughs in the face of danger!"
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Third-last panel: I'm not the only one getting slashy vibes from that, am I?

I am, aren't I.
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fucking furries.

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Awesome panels.

Grizzly and Gibbbon make such a great team up! Only spoiled by the 'gritty' make over they gave Grizzly in Thunderbolts- guess that's what happens then one' comedy partner is stuck in an alt universe....

Partners angsting cos the other is not about would also explain Beast brooding in the XMen's lab for some years and Wonder Man going off the rails....