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Batwoman #0 preview

DCUBlog has the preview for Batwoman #0, the new series.

Two behind the cut.

Bruce is confirming something that Oracle can do much easier with that software that allowe her to figure out he was the Insider. Bruce just loves the practicing recon, and loves problem solving.

Liking the art. It's not the same as the last series, bu it has it's own redeeming qualities.
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hey bruce has been traveling through time for a whole year, he needs the practice :)

also not to nitpick, but bab's only used the software to confirm what she already knew, it only analysed his fighting styles and movements. she already knew how both batman and bruce wayne operated so she had technically already guessed before hand, the software just confirmed it... erm... as i stated already LOL
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also YAY! this is out already!
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I don't think Bruce could look more like Jeff Barnes here if he tried.
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ack id idn;t notice that! it does look spectacular... but not at all possible the way she starts it unless she swung or flipped over somethign to make that change possible.... damn....
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She either pivoted when she landed on the top of the container, or she did a midair cartwheel in place.
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hmmm can see that, i didnt notice the landing on the crate....
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I pay attention to spandex clad acrobats, even ones with the less personally interesting physiques! :)
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lol normally do too (though Kate isnot my cup of tea, i;m definately not hers :)

just the positioning of the crate is a little off, in my opinion:)
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Hmm...wonder if Reeder and Williams splitting the art on the same issue is just for the 0's much more interesting than the trading off from arc to arc that was advertised.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2010-11-24 23:14 (UTC)(link)
Yeah--from the looks of it Williams is doing the Batwoman scenes and Reeder is doing the Kate scenes.
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Wheeee, she`s back :D
I missed Kate...
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You know, it just occurred to me that Batwoman's origin is gonna be one of those that has to be retconned after a while. In time, her being forced out of the military because of DADT will be like Tony Stark getting captured while aiding South Vietnamese forces.

Not soon enough, dammit, but in time.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2010-11-24 23:15 (UTC)(link)
I'm trying to think of how it could work, though--because her not being allowed to serve because she's gay is exactly why she decides to serve on a different group in a different war.
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I've been thinking that too--it's a nice retcon to look forward to!
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I don't know, that's so essential to her origin, I think (and hope) they'll never retcon it.

Because although we know it doesn't make sense that Prof. X served in the Vietnam War, we still know that is there initial origin, and the most "true" to their motivations.

Like, I understand why somebody would want to change it, after a long enough amount of time has passed but
1) its far too essential to her character
2) its basically ignoring real-world history
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I hope this doesn't come across as trying to downplay her being gay or the idiocy of DADT, but I was under the impression the reason she was discharged was because she wouldn't lie about her sexuality. If she'd been less true to herself, less honorable, she could have kept her commission.

Even when DADT is long past, I don't think it'd be too difficult to make the reason for her discharge something that showed her nobility in the face of lesser people.
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"Even when DADT is long past, I don't think it'd be too difficult to make the reason for her discharge something that showed her nobility in the face of lesser people."

I agree with this it doesn't have to be about her sexuality just that she refused to compromise her own sense of identity for the millitary.
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Ah, but she WOULD have lied, had her girlfriend's identity been known. Or, at least, it's implied she would have by the fact that she asked if any other cadets were facing the same charge before she'd answer.

She wouldn't lie to save her own career, but she would have to save Sophie's. It'd be more difficult - though not impossible - to come up with a way to put her in that situation with other issues.
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Maybe they could use the "fraternization within the ranks" argument. They did force her to leave West Point because she had a relationship with a fellow cadet.
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Having a relationship with a fellow cadet wouldn't break the rules, barring other circumstances (such as, under the rules she dealt with, being gay). Since they're the same rank, there's no opportunity for impropriety.
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That was part of my problem with it as well. It'll be dated before it's even collected into a TPB.
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Oh Kate, it's been so long.
Raise your hand if you covet all her clothes in this issue. And wish you could afford the kind of clothes she wears.
Ahhh the blush pink dress ~ DO WANT
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Aww...I miss her long hair...will she ever grow it out?
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Motto, I'm very hopeful so will grow it out.
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Not while Williams is writing her, since he's sticking close to Rucka's work, and Rucka had her cut it for practical reasons.
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Took me a while, but I realized who Kate reminded me of in the second scan: Alanna of Trebond (bobbed red hair, but not the green eyes). That in no way is a bad thing. :)
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*that is in no way