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Avengers 7

(5 scans under cut)

A man is taken by guides to the former secret home of the Inhumans in the Himalayas. He kills his guides and finds a strange power source hidden in the walls of the old palace.

He makes a wish and is transported to the Baxter Building. He wishes the alarms to not sound. He wishes Reed Richards to continue sleeping. He wishes the Thing somewhere else. He wishes the door with the giant lock to open.

Elsewhere, Iron Man and Thor have tracked Wonder Man's power signature. He seems to be leaking and Tony expresses concern. Wonder Man reviles them and blames the Avengers for every death that has occurred. Then he vanishes.


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Re: Four things...

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Oh thaaat's who it is. I thought this was an antirely new Bendis-villain, like the Postman who made up the Collective.

Doesn't help that JR jr. isn't drawing him as we knew him.

Plus, it takes away from the story. Before I was enthusiastic about some foolhardy innocent who's always wanted to find the Gems gone mad with power. Now it's just same old same old.