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Avengers Vs. Pet Avengers #2 - Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons

for frogs are tasty and easily chargrilled. :D

When last we left our heroes: a wacky-acting Fin Fang Foom transformed Tony, Bucky and Thor into frogs. Thor used his psychic link to Throg to summon the Pet Avengers; F-cubed swallowed first the Frogvengers, then the Pet Avengers - and made Lockheed an offer he maybe, possibly, can't refuse?

Lockjaw teleports everyone out of F-cubed's belly, and seeing an Avengers Alert, teleports them all to join the battle already in progress in China.

So. Pretty.

Tony is finding it's not so easy being green, when it's not preceded by lots and lots of alcohol.

There's also an adorable sequence with him trying to talk to Rhodey. :D

There's an epic battle, not made any better by F-cubed's animating an army of Chinese warrior statues. The Pet A's hold their own, though, and as usual, his inability to fight gives Ms. Lion ample time to get a step ahead of everyone else on what's really going on.

What's down there? I'm not telling. Nor am I telling on the last-page reveal.

Next issue: The cover shows the Pets doing battle against a de-frogged Thor, IM and Cap. How? Why? Tune in next month, pet lovers!