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Rulk vs.

Hulk 26. (6 pages from that issue. 1 scan from Hulk 27.)

Our hero has just finished the team up with Iron Man. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers has called in Red Hulk's next partner for the next mission.



(Posted because I can never get enough of Thor being called a hippy.)

Ross-Hulk (Why don't they code-name him 'Thunderbolt?') tries to talk Thor down.

Steve is getting annoyed because he suspects Bruce is letting things go on. So Bruce uses a hologram of Galactus to shock the pair into stopping.

Thor opens portals with his hammer to get Rulk to one comet, and himself to the other. They both destroy their comets. However..

Hulk 26. The preview is still viewable here. Skipping past it..

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The writers know what they're doing here, and it's glorious to watch to the point where I feel like I need to go drop another five into the Underground donation box just to reward good writing without actually buying a Marvel book. I wonder if the creative team on this book was grinding its teeth while reading Loeb's Red Hulk run too.

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arrrrgggggghhhhh!!! that word...RULK....ugh...lets kill it with cyanide pills (2 of em)