Date: 2010-11-29 06:17 am (UTC)
I think the implication is that Strange first injected Bats when he'd just entered Graytowers, back when he thought he was just Bruce Wayne, society twit. After all, it's not much good blackmailing a millionaire into doing your bidding through using the antidote against monsterism as a carrot if he DIES on you, is it? By that logic, evidently he did, in fact, actually cure all those other rich guys - he just monsterized them in the process.
It's quite a shame that Strange has ditched his Monster Men formula for psychiatry these days. Those guys were the perfect mooks - absolutely obedient, near-indestructible in the bulletproof clothing, and very visually distinctive - you knew EXACTLY who you were dealing with when you saw one of those hulking brutes. Of course, there IS the Wagner mini that reintroduced them - maybe someday, a writer will have him refine the formula a bit, and have him start using them as henchmen again.
It's a shame you didn't post one of the better bits of this - Magda getting stuck with the formula during a scuffle and turning into a Monster Woman. That was particularly memorable because it captured the sheer terror of what it would be like on the receiving end of that stuff, and KNOW what was going to happen ("Now... I'll become... A MONSTERRRRRRRR..."), as well as the fact that such things just didn't HAPPEN to beautiful women in the comics of that era, so it came as a shock.
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