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Listen to the Other Side of Zero

From Fantastic Four 578 and 585 comes The New Character find of the Year.*

The Anti Priest.

He's made two tiny appearances, but he gets the best dialogue.

Johnny and the girl go back to the Baxter Building, where the girl tells him some more of the Anti-Priest's wisdom

The secret word is, of course, AH NIGH HU LUUUH SSSSS and beasties from the Negative Zone burst out of her back and activating the Negative Zone Portal

Next issue, the Anti-Priest takes his congregation on a field trip to the Baxter Building, defended only by the Human Torch and a depowered Ben Grimm.

*Yes, my tongue is in my cheek and it's not intended as a slight to the other new characters that were created in 2010.
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I must been watching too much Gurren Lagann, because I see Anti-Spirals with these Antii/Negative talk..