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Just in time for Day 1 (Friendship) of 30 Days of Winter!

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During the infamous Clone Saga, Peter Parker was replaced by his clone, who called himself Ben Reilly. Except that Ben and Peter thought that Ben was the original Peter Parker, after being cloned wayyyyyy back in Amazing Spider-man 127 (i think), with all Peter's memories up to that point. It was very complicated.

At this point, Peter is retired to play expectant father and Bugle photographer while Ben donned a new version of the costume to fill the Spider-man role. They explained their resemblance as cousins (Ben dyed his hair blond) and acted like two goofy brothers. As part of Ben's 're-introduction' to the superhero community, he got to meet and work with Daredevil (the 'big brother', as it were).

July 1996. Daredevil 354 (7 pages worth of scans) Writer: Karl Kesel. Artists: Cary Nord, Matt Ryan.

Both Matt and Pete and Ben have gotten over some of the worst times in their lives (The 'I Am The Spider!' incident, most of Clone Saga, and Matt's faking his own death and subsequent multiple personality breakdown) and are in a rare moment of simultaneous happiness that accompanies the recovery period writers give readers.

Just as an interesting note: Matt told the world at large SHIELD put him in hiding to protect him from a supervillain and replaced him with a robot. Isn't the comic book world nifty?

All three of those people knew Matt's secret (!) identity. But none of them knew the others knew it. :)

Matt is so practiced at the Art of Manipulating Spider-people. And the Clone Saga, explained in just one panel! How can you beat that? Well, there's always Matt's response to the whole mess....

With the Shooter reminded by the helpful Spidey that DD is right there, Matty has to join Ben behind his brick wall.

Then they hit the Shooter with a watertower.

"...and the bad."

Matt and Ben don't get too much time together, as Ben isn't long for this world. But they did get one more surprisingly fun team-up in a Spider-man book.

Nov 1996. Spider-man 74. (4 and a half pages of scans) Writer: Howard Mackie. Artists: Al Williamson, John Romita jr.

Daredevil hears some interesting info from someone he's just taken down.

Once he's there, Matty sees some old friends...Hydra! And Ben's already broken out, of course.

Villains posture, they fight, they chat about recent events. Apparently, the Onslaught special event left these two the only heroes left in Manhattan.

"often." This page was a bitch to scan. It's from the period of time when panels were sometimes printed sideways, the theory being this gave them more room. Spider-clone finds himself in the position of having to save Tombstone's life whilst trying to hitch a ride on the rescue chopper.

This part makes me sniffle. 'Mr. Spider'! 'Mr. Devil'! And poor, sweet clone Ben, thinking everything will work out.

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Aww, that's cute.


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