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Hoo boy.

Hokay. So Buffy and Angel had crazy space sex which created a new universe, one that threatens to wipe out the old one. (Don't ask.) Demons are invading the earth in vast multitudes. Meanwhile, the universe they created has possessed Angel and is attempting to get revenge on Buffy for abandoning it. Buffy and the gang have gone to Sunnydale to protect the Seed, a mystical doohickey which can allegedly save the universe. Got all that? Programs will be handed out in the lobby.

We'll start out with something light (trust me, you'll thank me later); a little Angel/Spike shippery. Buffy saves Spike from possessed Angel, and mentions that "I liked you both better when you were kissing." Guess Buffy must have watched the Angel DVD commentaries.

Meanwhile, Willow's getting her megawicca on:

Enjoy that power shot of Willow, folks. It may be--well, you'll see.

The battle rages, with Slayers and the army fighting interdemensional demons as Buffy fights Angel. Oh yeah and the Master's there, but he doesn't do anything except get killed again.

Giles meets Faith on the battlefield:

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I like to think there's some nice, subtle character work going on here. There've been hints of, at least, strong feelings between Faith and Giles for several issues now. My feeling is that Faith wants Giles but that Giles is too much of a gentleman and feels it would be wrong, and Faith isn't about to make the first move. Either way, her reaction in the third panel is telling. I like that we can't even see her face, but her posture and that studied "Right," say a lot. Once again, Buffy wins, and Faith comes in second. It's a measure of how much she's grown that she goes right back to work.

Xander and Giles meet outside the crypt where Buffy and Angel are fighting. They have a quick conversation. Giles is about to jump into the battle between Buffy and Angel, Xander is all, "What are you, nuts?" Giles makes the point that Buffy won't kill Angel unless she's forced to.

Get ready for it, folks.

Et vale, Rupert Giles. I knew he was done as soon as I saw him on the cover; they haven't figured out shit to do with him all series. It's an oddly unaffecting death for such a great character, but honestly he hasn't felt like the real Giles since Chosen. At least he went out a hero. Also note how perfectly Giles' death mirrors Jenny's, all those years ago.

As Giles predicted, his death causes Buffy to go nuts, and she smashes the seed they were allegedly there to protect.

The ripple effects of the seed breaking are shown. All magic instantly disappears from the Buffyverse (which takes out Warren again, for those keeping score), the demons are sucked back out of our dimension, and the world is saved. Or Is It?

I'm not sure what Willow means here; presumably, she's referring to the loss of magic, but it's unclear if there are other effects the destruction of the seed may have. Some folks may remember Willow being warned that destroying the seed would rob her of her magic, and very deliberately not telling Buffy about it. We all remember how much Willow doesn't enjoy being ordinary. Also, do my eyes spot a Crisis reference?

Gotta say, I'm sad about Willow losing her powers. Buffy always felt cooler when there were two awesomely powerful kickass girl protagonists instead of just one.

The last page shows Buffy lying on the ground, apparently stricken with grief as opposed to hurting or in pain. And Angel has another murder on his conscience, and one more wedge driven between him and Buffy.

Date: 2010-12-03 01:20 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] long_silence
It looks like everyone in the slayer army lost their powers too.

Date: 2010-12-03 01:29 am (UTC)
icon_uk: (Default)
From: [personal profile] icon_uk
Since Willow was the conduit for awakening all the Slayers, her losing her powrs affecting them makes sense.

I confess I never warmed to the Slayer Army approach, for one thing, all the neo-Slayers in the last season detracted from the existing cast, and to be fair, what actually makes a neo-Slayer any more useful in a fight than anyone else? Neo-Slayers are normal girls.

I don't follow the comic that well, but did they ever address the FULL implications of the Slayer-Army activation?

All things considered, it seemed improbable that every activated Slayer would come over to the side of right automatically. As we saw in the actual finale, girls in a variety of situations were suddenly granted Slayer powers, including those being subjected to abuse. Whilst them overcoming that abuse was an empowering notion, were we supposed to just accept they would moderate their reactions?

Date: 2010-12-03 04:58 am (UTC)
lucky_gamble: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lucky_gamble
It was addressed countless times through the series. There was the Simone Arc in which one of the Slayers breaks away from the army, taking along a group of girls who really didn't give a crud about Slayer tradition and wanted to modern up in killing-wise.They stole, kidnapped and murdered.
Also there was the episode of Angel (r.i.p.) in which an activated Slayer begins to leave a bloody path in Los Angeles due to her mental condition.
There's the mini story in which Faith visits a village in Europe where Slayers who don't want to be Slayers go and appearantly are cured. Course it's a ruse by a Slayer-eating demon but we get a good idea of how many girls rejected the gift and wanted normal lives.
There's also that whole international jewel thief stunt Buffy pulled early on during the series that went against the whole "being good" junk. I'm sure there are other examples but meh, I have a term paper to finish.Point

Wow I read too many comics.


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