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From DAREDEVIL #300, written by D.G. Chichester with art by Lee Weeks. They also did the "final" issue of DAREDEVIL Vol. 1. This was one the first stories that covered Wilson Fisk's life before he became the Kingpin. A few others (all DD stories, I think) covered Fisk before his appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50, but not many.

So, "Willie" Fisk was lured into crime by Jimmy Durante?

Is it just me, or does Willie look Asian.

Quite an "accident" Jimmy Durante got from Willie. Well worth the $15, no matter what year this flashback is set in.

Matt was trying his own version of tearing down Fisk, similar to what Fisk did to him in Born Again. Of course, all Fisk did there was get Matt's law license revoked and then arrange a lot of confusing financial nonsense before blowing up his townhouse.
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