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Unsurprisingly for a comic written by Ellis, SUPERGOD was plagued by extreme lateness. Surprisingly for a comic written by Ellis, he actually finished it. SUPERGOD #5 came out two weeks ago.

I was originally only going to post a few pages from that issue, but it occurred to me that the lengthy period in-between #4 and #5 might mean a refresher is in order. So, first, an (re)introduction to our cast of artifical deity-creatures.

The UK's:




America's Jerry Craven:

He was an Air Force pilot whose brain was placed in a robot body. Check out those initials.

America's other superhuman:

Russia's Perun:

He's actually a rebuilt version of the country's first such superhuman, who was a brain in a robot like Jerry Craven. J.C. destroyed the earlier guy in Grenada.

For anyone keeping track of page count for legality, the Krishna and Morrigan Lugus scenes are from #1, the Malak pages are a page each from #1-3, Maitreya and Jerry Craven are from #2, and Perun and Dajjal hail from issue #3, except for one page from #4.

And then we have three pages from #5:

America's sent Jerry Craven to kill Krishna.

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