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And now, Batman...

More signs that the writers and artists at DC love us. Or at least Kevin Smith reads this. (Hi Kevin!).
DCUBlog has two pages of the Wydening gyre preview made juuuust for us.

Aww hell, all three pages. They cannot be denied.

That's not sea water on the sides of Aquaman's mouth...

'Companion' indeed....

Arthur, what exactly is "our world"?
And Bruce, you need to give him the Bat-stare, not the "lady doth protest too much" glare.

*sniff* Arthur, are you wearing ambergris?
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There is something about Alex Ross's art. His models look muscular, but with a layer of fat or something. They have a lumberjack build/50's strongman build (which makes sense given the ages of his characters and his era, the Gold/Silver age). It is just so different from what the modern ideal is ya know?