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Some panels from Amazing Spider-Man #650

I might be posting more later, but until then, here are two panels from the latest issue of ASM. 

I'll just let the fail speak for itself here.

(To clarify, the exchange is from MJ's POV. It's to show stupid she is in comparison to Carlie, who "gets" Peter)

If you wanted an additional slice of Spidey!fail...

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I skipped over the Carlie stuff. It takes some practice, but if you learn to focus your mind you will see that she is just an empty place holder. AS i read these pages every character has a "voice" I can picture in my head. Except her... nothing that resonates as a person.

Hobgolblin's flying camera had more character with one ping and one page.
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Well it is Phil Urich, who wasn't all that bad (loved him in Spider-girl) Hopefully Robert Kingsly is still on the table.

And to clarify, yes this is from Mj's view point, but it doesn't help to over emphasize this crap. Is she smart, yes but not a genius like Peter. We ALL know this.

BTW the Black Cat thing, not really fail. Actually, I happen to like Black Cat's apperances. Perhaps they (Felicia and Pete) are beuing set up for each other or some bullocks.

Argh, I want my Gargan arc!
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Ugh knowing that, Gargan will be seen as an idiot who eats people still....

(It was the suit, The suit eats people, not gargan)
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Considering who's putting him back together along with symbiote withdrawal, he'll be lucky to be sane.