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Some panels from Amazing Spider-Man #650

I might be posting more later, but until then, here are two panels from the latest issue of ASM. 

I'll just let the fail speak for itself here.

(To clarify, the exchange is from MJ's POV. It's to show stupid she is in comparison to Carlie, who "gets" Peter)

If you wanted an additional slice of Spidey!fail...

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Wow... that was TOO cat, even for Catwoman... taking a bath of milk, with 3 kittens surround her, while she is giving off frontal side boob!
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...I'm pretty sure I've read porno that went exactly that way.

Except there were also lesbian catgirls involved. /reminiscing
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Your comment requires more detail and explaination.
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It was a looong time ago. Apparently, stuff has happened. Thank god I keep my old defunct page of favorites around.

I can't remember the story title or author, it was a mammoth DC/Marvel crossover with someone with the power to turn all the men into female bisexual nymphomaniacs. My brain kind of broke when I read, "You are no longer supervillains! You are now Catwoman's henchgirls, the Kittens! You're lesbians and you LOVE her cream!"

It was in the, now sadly defunct, Sportsman's Lair section of

Be warned, it's all smut. I like smut, at the right times, but that's what that picture up there reminds me of. It's just on the borderline to really trashy smut.

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I was (mostly) kidding. Note to self, my typical "deadpan with grin" doesn't come across on the Internet.

Thanks for going though all that effort, though. I'm sure someone (totally not me) will find a use for the links. :)
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Here is a search in the wayback machine for the sportsmans lair. The story I'm thinking of may be in the Grey Archive. Unfortunately, it requires registration now, doesn't accept new registrations and I don't remember if I ever was. :/