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Some panels from Amazing Spider-Man #650

I might be posting more later, but until then, here are two panels from the latest issue of ASM. 

I'll just let the fail speak for itself here.

(To clarify, the exchange is from MJ's POV. It's to show stupid she is in comparison to Carlie, who "gets" Peter)

If you wanted an additional slice of Spidey!fail...

Re: Really?

[personal profile] pervymax 2010-12-20 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
One last thing:

just because you aren't persuaded, it doesn't mean that our argument isn't persuasive

I am far from the only person not persuaded. If you are finding that a thread about this topic leads to some 185 comments(at current count) debating the issue, then it might be worthwhile to reconsider your internal opinion of how persuasive you have been: and, in turn, how correct the assumptions leading to those opinions are.

Again, the underlying premise is that adorning a character with characteristic of the EIC's loved ones, and then pushing that character forward onto the community-which has led to the lowest sales ever-reflected badly on the EIC and the writer.

The specific relationship of the loved one is immaterial: it's the underlying presumption that we find offensive.
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Re: Really?

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The 185 comments aren't about the name's provenance, though. They're about the poor character work. Which, as mentioned many times over, is quite evidential without needing to note who the name is shared by.

Re: Really?

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The comments are about the Mary sue nature of the character, of which the origination of the character's name is not immaterial.

Slightly off topic, but what's happening with Peter reminds me a lot of what happened with suoergirl a while back: Anybody else get that vibe?
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Re: Really?

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It is potentially not immaterial but the mary sueishness, again, does not hinge upon this point. It is not necessary for Carlie Cooper Is A Mary Sue to be proven on scans _daily.

Let's let this topic end, OK? Mod line is, please don't mention the daughter. Thank you.