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Well, the response was good, so here's more! Seven pages out of 22.

We rejoin our ravishing female leads as Sam has exited the building and they've tied up the disguised gorillas. Angel states the first order of business is finding out where they came from.

"The same place Sam does?"
"Athena! That's brilliant!"
"It is?"
"So... where DOES Sam come from?"
"Ummm... I don't know."
"But we MUST have asked him sometime."
"Unless he made us forget."

They wake up the gorillas, who claim to be following up on the transformations of humans into apes. They were lead to believe that Sam was guilty of them, and that there have been five such incidents so far, affecting every human on earth. Humans however, retain no memory of the experience. Just as the lead ape realizes they've been manipulated into finding Sam, a mysterious stranger appears at the door to the office. A green flash drowns out the scene, and Angel finds herself running back through the events of her day, but without Sam. Athena appears, asking where he is, and Angel realizes something is wrong. Athena demands his location, and Angel awakens.

They both awaken, relating similar hallucinations, and finding the apes gone. Angel orders her sister to call the Justice League (they're in her rolodex), while she heads over to Sam's apartment in hopes of finding him or at least some clues.

Much love for the lamp. (:

One of the gorillas, disguised again, charges her. Angel has time to reflect that the illusion prevents her from going after his pressure points, so instead she meets his charge and uses his own strength to hurl him past her into the wall. A nice little snapshot of her resourcefulness and composure under fire.

His comrade however, notices the attack, and states he won't rush in blindly, leaving the third one to deal with Sam, who reaches for a stool with one of his feet.

Another notation of Angel's intelligence in a fight, and I'll admit the line about Sam's karma had me in giggles.

Athena arrives, Angel inquiring where the League is, but Athena reports they were very rude, so she hung up.

"But then I remembered that all you needed were superheroes, so I called--"
"You're in your costume."
"Right! --The Inferior Five! We're ALWAYS polite!"

I hereby nominate that as the best team slogan ever. Wouldn't you feel so much better if the superheroes you called started the conversation with that?

The two get into a fight until Sam breaks it up, having Angel secure the apes while he consoles Athena. Expository flashback ensues where we find out that Athena's mother was a superheroine, and the girls' father decided he needed a more normal life, and that he left after Athena was born. He met Angel's mother, while still supporting Athena, and was devastated after her death. Athena's mother took them both in, and thanks to his work taking him away from home frequently, they were all very happy.

It was difficult for Angel however, because she was the only non-superstrong member of her family growing up, coming to think of herself as weak. That motivated her to study various ways of making herself strong. Hand to hand combat, fencing, shooting (her data file in the first issue marks her as an Olympic class target shooter and proficient in at least half a dozen schools of martial arts). Sam reflects that Angel still sees herself as in competition with Athena, thus the tension between them.

Athena then begins to open up to Sam about this guy he likes. A guy who knows about her strength and isn't bothered by it. A guy who fights crime, part-time. A guy who is an artist. He's delighted! He's thrilled! He tells her he thinks they'll make a great match.

He thought she meant Myron "Merryman" Victor, her teammate.

Athena runs off crying, at which Angel catches back up, about ready to throttle Sam, before she finds out the mixup.
"Myron? MYRON VICTOR? What's HE got to do with it?"
"Why the hell is everybody acting so surprised?! What other crime-fighting cartoonists ARE there besides Myron and-- Me!" 0.0
Angel explains the rest of the situation, and Sam confesses that he thinks of the two of them as sisters, and promises to resolve the situation after the case is over.

Angel demands to know who's after Sam, but he says he can't tell her. Angel persists, and he shares the information that he's from Gorilla City. When she asks why he never said so before, he declares that he has, dozens of times, leading to exposition about the mental beacon placed in the Arctic by Solovar to cause humans to forget everything about Gorilla City, including its very existence.

"Why this explains... um... it means that.. um... that...
So..who's after you?"
"*sigh* I can't tell you."

Note that this is the same Mysterious Stranger who showed up at the office earlier.

Athena goes into a hallucination where her father returns, and she accidentally kills him with a hug. Sam rushes in, telling her he always thought she was stupid. She ends up killing him by accident as well.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting installment of.. ANGEL AND THE AAAAPE!!

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Holy mackerel! It's Grodd!

And more love for the pretty Foglio art!


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