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30 Days of Winter: Day 29 - Fantasy Comics *Master Post*

Hi and welcome to tonight's 30 Days of Winter theme: Fantasy Comics!

My favorite fantasy comic is Elfquest, which holds a special place in my heart for being the first comic I bought in a comic shop. It was also my gateway drug for "serious" comics that went beyond the Betty & Veronica supermarket digests. The story of a tribe of elves known as the Wolfriders, Elfquest features every possible genre and setting, from action and romance to alien forests and deep space.

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The creators of Elfquest have put nearly every single EQ comic online for free digital viewing here at their website, which I highly recommend for any fantasy or indie comic fans. The stories from the 90s and 00s are of very mixed quality (and it looks like there will always be some loose ends dangling) but the The Original Quest, Siege at Blue Mountain, and Kings of the Broken Wheel are great.

So, [community profile] scans_daily, what are your favorite fantasy comics?

And stick with us for the final day of our 30 Days of Winter event. Tomorrow's theme is Kid-friendly/all ages comics!
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Yeah, I caught that back when they offered it for the Longbox beta, but still need to get to the rest!