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Jimmy Olsen, lucky with the ladies

3.25 pages from "Jimmy Olsen's Big Week, Day Four" in today's ACTION COMICS 896...

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Thing is, a lot of the time the kids of DC supervillains (although Myx is more a nuisance than a villain usually) aren't necessarily villains themselves. Jimmy's been around the superhero community enough that he'd be aware of the trend.

Besides, given what he's already been through, what could Maggie do that'd be worse? I think they'd be awesome together.
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Three words...

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Re: Three words...

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'E's done that!
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Its not Maggie he's worried about, its her dad.

You really think that Mxy would stand for his daughter dating a mere 3 dimensional entity? And the second banana to his arch enemy even?

Of course, it may be even worse if he DID approve of the relationship.
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Arch enemy seems a bit strong for their traditional relationship.

Sparring partner, or maybe trolling victim, might be a better description.

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Hah, i think trolling victim fits the bill
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Uptight Best Buddy.

At least from Mxy's POV.

'Trolling' is probably a good description of how Clark sees things, though.