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It's part two of my examination of the weirder intellects in comics! If you're confused as to what I am talking about, do check out the previous post for a tad more explanation.

Also in reference to the previous post, psychopathicus_rex commented on Professor Calculus: He'd be absolutely maddening to be around in real life, but that somehow just makes him more endearing in fiction., a point which I totally agree upon but do find slightly ironic because good old Cuthbert was actually based on an real person. This guy, to be precise:

Auguste Piccard was a scientist, balloonist, physicist and explorer. Unlike Calculus, his hearing seemed fine, but he did live a seriously wacky life. His hobbies included high altitude balloon flights and deep sea ocean dives, the latter apparently after promising his concerned wife that he wouldn't take any more ballooning trips into the stratosphere. One suspects that he didn't really work to the spirit of that request.

Oh, and if the name seems familiar? That's because yes, he was (quite appropriately!) part of the inspiration for a certain captain of the Starship Enterprise.

8. Batman/Bruce Wayne

Oh come on, everyone knows who this guy is. Protector of Gotham City, the world's best detective, and possessor of a sweet cape and a teensy chip on his shoulder. He's the only person of the 'big 7' Justice Leaguers who everyone agrees could definitely take down Superman - while simultaneously being the only one who doesn't have any powers. That's... a wee bit scary.

How are they a genius?
Did I mention the whole "world's best detective"? It's also been explained by several writers that he's such a jack of all trades, it can safely be said that he's the 'second best in the world' in any number of pursuits, both physical and intellectual, and both widely used and more obscure (boomer/baterang throwing, for instance). He's just incredibly driven, incredibly well educated, and thinks way too hard. For example:

You know Bruce, that's an awful lot of big words to express one simple thing.

Why are they a bit oddball?
At first I was a bit hesitant to add Bruce to a list on oddball geniuses, and then I took a good hard look at him and... lets be honest, he's a bit of a freak, isn't he? I mean, you could argue that he's been written in many different ways, and in some of them he's far more sensible than others. The point always remains, however, that the focus, determination, and sheer bloody-mindedness needed to truly become Batman would send any normal person insane. Whether you believe it has sent Bruce insane is beside the point, the point being that either way Bruce Wayne is a scary, obsessive and seriously strange guy. With awesome toys.

Yes, he was 'inspired' into it by a traumatic childhood event, but let's be honest, there are thousands of traumatic events happening in the DCU all the time, and there's only one Bruce Wayne. No matter how much he tries to franchise out his childhood trauma :-).

Speaking of said trauma, let's see a scene from his childhood!

See? He's (suspiciously) normal!

And this, of course, is not even getting into some of the seriously weird adventures Batman had in the 1950's and 60's. Don't make me post the one with the Joker and the goat again.

7. The Revenant

The Revenant started off as a shameless parody of Batman in the pages of Aaron Williams excellent comic PS238 (PS238 being a school for children with metahuman abilities). He was roped into training the school's only non-powered student, Tyler, and took on the role with dedication and an enthusiasm which is actually a bit worrying. He does have a lot of similarities to the Bat, but he also has a dry sense of humour, an over-the-top admiration for vehicles that go too fast, and a sage understanding of common sense.

Yep, he is totally capable of acknowledging that thing he just did was not common sense. Now let's do it again!

How are they a genius?
Much like Batman, he is a multi-tasker who regularly holds comforting conversations with his protege while simultaneously fighting off vicious criminals and decoding bomb timers. He seems to take this in his stride, which is a wee bit worrying, really.

He also has a pragmatic understanding of how the world works and is perfectly willing to twist the rules in his favour. As he quoted in a panel that I can't seem to find right now, "I sometimes think access to cash is the greatest superpower of all". Quoted for truth, Revenant.

Why are they a bit oddball?
The Revenant is kind of like Batman, except that he readily acknowledges that who he is and what he does is very unnatural, and not the type of thing that any sane person would do. He then proceeds to do it anyway. I wavered on whether this made him more or less oddball than Bruce Wayne. I decided on more.

Despite regularly terrifying his pupil, he does have a deep sense of loyalty to Tyler and he has taught him a lot about the world. And really, if you're going to be a superhero in a world where pretty much all of the other superheroes have powers, you're always going to have to be just a little bit of an oddball.

Also, remember to save.

Next time: two more DC characters. I did say there were a lot of them :-).

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Because both of have a vested interest in stories about Oracle "testing" her security systems, we just differ in cast lists.

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i am having many different images flashing through my head right now


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