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Blinky's Top Ten Oddball Geniuses in Comics (who aren't evil): Part Three

Continuing the series of oddity! Part One (and some explanation on the whole thing) is over here, while Part Two is here.

As previously established, this are my favourites rather than the all time title holders! That being said, so many people have made cool suggestions for the list, I think I'm going to have to do an honourable mentions post after I've finished.

6. Lonnie Machin/Anarky/MoneySpider

My favourite little teenage genius/political philosopher/vigilante, which is a cross you don't see every day, it must be said. He started his vigilante career entirely on his own at the age of 12, not because his parents were horribly murdered or anything, but because he had a pen pal in a politically turbulent country who 'disappeared'. He read up on the pitfalls of capitalism, communism, and most of the other political systems, decided that anarchist principals were the way to go, and then became a costumed vigilante dedicated to bringing down the tyranny of government, which I'm sure you'll agree was the obvious thing to do under the circumstances.

How are they a genius?
He was always too smart for his own good really. Devouring political manifestos is not what most kids spend their time at, after all. He was also an expert hacker and an excellent planner. Then came his own mini-series and his writer, Alan Grant, stepped up his intelligence to to the point where he was creating his own portable boom tubes, hand-waving this development as Lonnie managing to 'fuse together the two hemispheres of his brain" or something baffling like that. At the height of his series he'd created his own base and super-computer under the Washington monument, which was when it was starting to get a wee bit Mary-Sueish on Grant's side.

Sensibly, things were toned back in his appearances since then, until lately... well, I'll go into that in a sec.

Why are they a bit oddball?
There are several different reasons that I would consider Lonnie a good candidate for oddballness. The first is his age; as I said before, he became Anarky at 12 and he had neither a massive trauma or an older mentor to help him at it. Even Tim Drake had the sense to tag along with Batman. Lonnie had his dog.

That takes more than a touch of fanaticism (among other things), and Lonnie is totally a political fanatic. He may be a fanatic that you agree with, or one you don't, but his sheer bloody mindedness about his mission doesn't put it in any doubt.

This does make him a bit of an oddball when it comes to 'bat villains however. It's almost unheard of to have a character whose sole motivation is political, and even less heard of to the philosophy to not be something that you can firmly say is 'good' or 'evil'. This is, of course, mostly because the character himself was very much a mouthpiece for his creator's political ideology, but it did make him stand out, to say the least.

And if all of that isn't odd enough, there's his current circumstances. The writer of Red Robin wanted to use the Anarky persona as a more Joker-like chaotic evil presence, which meant he needed to explain what happened to the previous Anarky. He solved this by having him shot in the head, drugged, and then hooked up to a computer so he could converse with his brain. When Tim Drake saved him, he still couldn't figure out how to safely wake him up, so they hooked him up to the computer again and he's now working as Red Robin's personal unconscious-and-hooked-up-to-a computer-cyber-hacker.

Comics, people!

5. Savant/Brian Durlin

The Birds of Prey's favourite dude in distress! Seriously, you don't wanna know how many times he's been traumatised, beaten up, hospitalised and kidnapped. It's like Gail does it on purpose or something :-). Anyway, Brian is a genius hacker and now-reformed blackmailer who knows several different languages (some better than others, it must be said) and is an excellent fighter to boot. He's also kind of a flake, though this is mostly through no fault of his own. Basically, he has a mental disorder that means he finds to difficult to track time. He can't remember how long he's been doing things, or how long it was since something happened. This has not helped his social development at all.

How are they a genius?

As I said, he's a very good hacker and is very clever in general - to a point. He has a habit of not actually finishing things because of his mental illness, but the very fact that he managed to become one of the best blackmailers in the world (albeit with the devoted help of Creote) despite this very large obstacle only makes you wonder what he could achieve if something could be done to cure him. He's also a lateral thinker.

Honestly, what's her problem?

Why are they a bit oddball?
One person's lateral thinker is the next person's oddball? Honestly, Savant's behaviour can be rather... eccentric at times and his social skills are often weak at best. His skills are much better used in the background than face to face, where he often just... doesn't get it.

Speaking of things he doesn't get, he spent literally years being completely oblivious to the fact that his best friend and guardian, Creote, was hopelessly in love with him, even when everyone else could see it plainly.

...almost everyone. Anyway, it's important to note that this wasn't because he was straight or anything; he's bi. He just plain didn't notice until Babs cracked and finally pointed it out.


Finally, I leave you a piece of fan art by Coelasquid.

I feel very bad about laughing at this *is ashamed* :-).

Next, the last DC character on the list, and a character who has taken multitasking to a pragmatic next level.

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