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These three panels are from TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE #1 and are considered the fifth worst comic of 2010 according to Comics Alliance. This introduces the villain Cinder.

More on the worst of 2010 according to Comics Alliance here:

Date: 2011-01-07 07:57 pm (UTC)
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Grounded is stupid, but... I think I'd put the incest womb bomb thing/ killing child molestors with lava vagina a little bit higher on the list. That's just... seriously, what the hell?

And the guy saying he liked Rise of Arsenal? Is... is that allowed? Cry for Justice/Rise of Arsenal are completely horrid. I'd rate even those higher on the list than Grounded.

Date: 2011-01-07 09:31 pm (UTC)
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Yeah...I can't disagree that any of the stories on the list are BAD, but the order is kinda...wrong. Grounded is definitely less offensively bad than...well, any of the others listed. It's just a mediocre-to-bad concept ineptly executed. Only one character's character is assassinated (and it's Superman, so he can survive it), nothing nearly as horrible as vagina-lava or booby-trapped incest babies happens, nobody is killed gratuitously...

I don't know that I'd even put it on a top-5 list, actually...but assuming I had to order a list, only with the entries there, I'd go, in ascending order...

Fallen Sun
Cry for Justice
Rise of Arsenal
Titans/Nemesis death-vagina twofer.


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