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Children's Crusade #4: THE BIG ONE

Assuming you are as big a fan as I am, you also screamed something both guttural and squeaky from the deep recesses of your throat and then promptly began sobbing and crying for joy while making sounds reminiscent of the Muppets' Beaker.

Or maybe it's just me.

The last page of Avengers: The Children's Crusade #4. HUGE HUGE HUGE SPOILERS. I'M WARNING YOU NOW, IT'S REALLY BIG.

But first, something from Avengers #5, posted a few months ago. Look at the entry after "Return of the King"

Ironlad (re)turns.

I am not getting my hopes up too much for now, because of the way it was written, but let us remove all doubts for a moment and simply bask in the joy of getting our favorite teen team leader back.

Heinberg, if you fake out now, I will rip something painful.

WTF KIND OF ENDING IS THIS? It makes me happy, and yet also enraged.

And the rest of the issue seemed a bit short. My sad face is imminent.

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I`ve been really happy with the portrayal of Wanda so far. I think Heinberg mentioned in some issue that he was aware of the difficulties in portraying Wanda and that it`s very easy to get into sticky territory because she`s the one they`re all looking for, but that he wanted to still give her as much agency as possible.

It really shows she Doom and Billy are arguing and Wanda says that she`s right there and can speak for herself.