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Batgirl #17 - fun fun fun 'til Daddy takes the Batpod away

2 and 2/3 pages from Batgirl #17, plus small preview image. My love for Steph/Damian team-ups continues to grow with this issue. Batgirl and Robin are investigating a series of kidnappings of upper-middle-class children (as opposed to Damian's 'child of the super-rich' class), and begin by trailing a group of schoolkids on a field trip to the museum. One of them has to go undercover and blend while the other serves as mission runner. Guess who's which, and how well it works out?

Observing Damian's attempts to mix with the schoolchildren, Steph discovers the chink in his armor.

The kidnappers acquire their target, but not for long with this ragtag team on their necks! After, Batgirl and Robin debrief and decompress.

What indeed? ;D

Nifty, no?

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Nothing against Alfred - I adore Alfred; however, he didn't really deal with this lack in Bruce either. Or Jason. Alfred is a good care taker, and will give his opinion when he feels it's needed most, but if someone is adamant about doing or not doing something in his family, he usually lets them make their own mistakes. Perhaps he doesn't see it as his "role"?

Dick on the other hand has no excuses. (Does he even have a day job now a days? ;p)
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Bruce he knew was a lost cause from a very early age. He did try, like inviting Zatara to perform at the first birthday party after the Wayne's died, but was pretty much out of luck there.

Dick always knew how to have fun.

Jason was a bit older than Bruce or Dick had been when he joined the family, and hadn't had the sort of life where "play" had much of a look in. There are signs that Batman did try (The Barr/Davis Detective issue where we saw that Bruce was determined that Jason would have the chance to be a child that he hadn't had, encouraging him to play baseball with his friends as well as be Robin, and go on fishing trips and the like)

Bruce wasn't Tim's parent the way he was for the others.

Dick I can sort of see having to deal with becoming Batman, and ostensibkly running Wayne Enterprises (Though I still dislike Morrison's notion that Dick was crap at business, as we've seen him giving Tim tips on successful negotations in the recent past), as well as keeping Damian alive as Robin, and all at the same time taking up most of his "spare" time so the social aspects of Damian's life (Which Morrison SHOULD have been dealing with, but didn't) have been put to one side.

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Fair enough - your Bat knowledge is much more extensive than my own, so I am happy to hear more from you, to correct and supplement what I do know.

Dick will always be the "prize pup" so to speak.

Though, and I may just be reading wrong, you're writing more of Bruce's involvement as far as Jason goes, which is a whole 'nother story. Damian is a kid that Bruce neither knew about, nor was able to have any influence over until he was dropped in on him. (And his introduction was not very impressive or... tactful. At all.) From the little interaction I've seen between he and Damian, Bruce is quite standoffish. Which I can understand, but still cringe when I see it.

To Alfred's credit - what do you -do- when you suddenly have your employer's traumatized and orphaned child to care for? - I definitely know I couldn't have done better. And to your point it was more of Bruce's role to be a father/mentor to the previous Robins. While Alfred has done well to show the "kids" he cares and is a beloved family member to Dick and Tim (...not sure of Jason's feelings) I wouldn't have expected Alfred to do much child rearing with them or with Damian.

That does leave Damian a bit neglected, Alfred is doing what he can to help to the extent of his patience and Damian's acceptance, Dick is doing a pretty good job with him during their night jobs, but as you stated, is a bit too busy during the day to be a full time parent (besides that, it's just common sense that one person can't fill every person's needs), Bruce is too busy and Tim hates him. Stephanie is good for him.

I was totally joking about Dick - I know he's got a lot on his plate, I mean look at all of his guest starring in other books. :) While I don't see him as being the CEO type - I concur that he wouldn't be crap at business. I would think he'd still have good input as an executive vp, board member or at least consultant. And the social aspect should have been dealt with earlier, or at least approached. (Would have been nice to see it dealt with in B&R.) I think some of the bat books are lacking in "down time" from the action which, I can understand - the writers have a limited space and limited time to tell a story, without making it all feel rushed. Still though, with introducing Damian as a new character that's going to stick around for a while - it's a bit of a necessity.

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Ah, I re-read my response, and certain bits could be a bit misconstrued - I do apologize if I'm putting words in your mouth.


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Dick was a cop, then an underwear model, then... I don't know. I suppose these days he has a day job managing the Wayne properties or something.
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He did a stint as a barman before he was a cop, and was a gym instructor and a museum curator after he was a... shuddder... underwear model (Not that I have anything against Mr Grayson in underwear, but it would require me acknowledging that the Bruce Jones Nightwing run exists)
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Dick was a museum curator?! Er... wouldn't that require an advanced degree in a related subject? Probably a doctorate? Oh, comics.

And ugh, the underwear model thing... I think one of the most embarrassing moments was when Dick walked up to the modelling agency, and the other models were all "look out guys, here comes serious competition!" Uh, yeah. I get that Dick is supposed to be a 'perfect 10' and all, but I don't buy that he would stand out that much among a cohort of professionally beautiful men.

Unless his hotness goes all the way up to 11.
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Yes, it was a stretch, and was discussed at the time, Bruce bought the museum and sort of parachuted him into the role, though it was one he wanted to explore and proved to be at least moderately good at. They should probably have given him some sort of administrative role. I have to say prior to that I had no clue Curator was such an advanced post, and I suspect Tomasi didn't either.

Dick would stand out because, as has been noticed by almost everyone he's ever met, he's more than just handsome, he walks into a room, people turn and look at him more or less reflexively, because his charisma is off the chart. He's not just a model, he has what they used to call "star quality". :)
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Dick would stand out because, as has been noticed by almost everyone he's ever met, he's more than just handsome, he walks into a room, people turn and look at him more or less reflexively, because his charisma is off the chart. He's not just a model, he has what they used to call "star quality". :)

I guess I'll just have to trust you on the "Dick's magical aura" thing. Like Damian's super special-ness and inner core of potential, it's definitely something writers' tend to tell us about more than they really show it, imo. I just thought the Bruce Jones' example was a particularly ham-handed instance of this.
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It's almost impossible to demonstrate charisma in two dimensional form purely through the art, it pretty much HAS to be described by other characters.

And the Bruce Jones run was wretched on every level, but Dick being extremely good looking is hardly news.

Chuck Dixon summarised the character thusly (when he was still writing the NW title)

Dick is the smartest, best-looking, most athletic guy you've ever met, times five. Every guy wants to be him, every girl wants to be with him, and every mother hopes desperately that her daughter will land him. He can be a bit of a slacker in attitude, but he's a crackerjack detective ( being taught by the world's greatest, Dick's probably the second or third best in the DCU ), and possibly the most natural athlete, being even more of a natural than Bruce Wayne ( of course, he had a head start on Bruce since he was trained practically from birth ).

But Dick isn't the tortured vigilante, forever haunted by the ghosts of his traumatic youth. While not forgotten, his parents' tragic death have been put away for the moment, filed neatly away. And to top it all off, Dick is sweet, sensitive and has a great sense of humour. All this in one testosterone-filled package of male beauty... I ask you again, who wouldn't love this guy?
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All this in one testosterone-filled package of male beauty... I ask you again, who wouldn't love this guy?

A contrarian! :P

Honestly, it really does put me off when the text fawns over a character to that degree. Making an earnest attempt to imagine Dick as Dixon describes him reminds me of being forced to contemplate the mystery of the Holy Trinity as a child; I resent being asked to perform an impossible task.
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A contrarian!

Fair point! :)

If we see all of it in one page that's OTT, if they are character traits that can be shown over time, it works better.

So if it had appeared in a comic yes, that would be... weird (I still find Devin Grayson having Bruce describe Dick as being "full of grace" slightly... off-key), but if it's a creator being asked in an interview to summarise what makes the character he's be writing inherently interesting to him, I'll let it slide.