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Spider-Man #652 Preview: "Hey Guys, Remember That Character We Made Who No-One Likes?"

"I just saw this really cool film we could use to maybe buff her up a little possibly!"

...And A Writing Team Who Couldn't Let Things Lie.

From Ign's Preview Pages:

"My girl. The girl who is mine. We totally bang. Every single night".

Only Dan Slott and Peter could think Flash getting together with Betty is a good idea. Their last relationship was sparked by her helping him to get out of his depression and alcoholism (he promptly dumped her off-panel when this was over). He's recently suffered MORE depression from his paraplegia. Meanwhile she is ludicrously attempting to write a newsblog based only on the bleary sleep-mutterings of her roommate. And in the above panel, she looks like the drunk one.

...Actually, MJ...cover up that rictus grin, and what you get is a man who looks horribly sad...and not just put-off, seriously depressed. Just looking at him makes me imagine the man bashing his skull against a brick wall out of the sheer frustration of how rotten his life is. Perhaps the artist sympathises with us more than Slott does.

So...Mary-Jane Watson - bitter, self-obsessed, or...

...a dull mouthpiece for Slott's antagonism against anyone who questions his will?

Also: that second panel is just SCREAMING the word 'Threesome'. Look at the douche! That is no warm smile of amusement...his head is filled with visions of girl-on-girl or I'll fry my bowler!

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Basically whats going to happen is this:

They've spent so much time showing how perfect Carlie is.

It is inevitable she is going to die. Or become a villain..


Get your tickets now folks.

PS: oh peters happy for once just not with me WTF? How many d'aww moments did those two have? None of their great history was erased, they just never got married. Peter still goes with MJ like Dark Self Depreciating Chocolate and Peanut butter.

Also anyone notice Peter totally flirting with MJ there?

"Lady, you are one class act".

Notice how even though Carlie is skating around in a sports bra and short shorts, the chemistry REMAINS with MJ, only now the focus of this Chemistry is "I LOVE CARLIE SO MUCH AND TOTALLY NOT THIS REDHEAD I AM APPRECIATING OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN A TOTALLY NON SEXUAL WAY EVEN THOUGH SHE ROCKS THAT AWESOME HAT"
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I don't want them to get rid of her - I want them to actually do something with her. Roller derby should easily lead to superhero...though hopefully not on skates, as Dazzler has that covered.
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I hope she can do better than that! Still, nice to know there's a "blue" and "roller skates" theme going in at Marvel...
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Yea, this feels like one of those scenes where the two folks have a lovely meshing moment that implies they are meant for each other rather than whatever random shmuck they are with.

Except from my understanding this is supposed to have the opposite effect in this case. But it isn't
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pretty much what I was saying, yeah :| This is a lovely meshing moment for Peter and MJ. They keep having those around Carlie.