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Back to the Past

Issue 3 of CAPTAIN AMERICA: MAN OUT OF TIME, the mini-series exploring the character's adjustment to the modern world after waking from all those years of suspended animation, came out this week. Captain America plans to return to 1945.

This issue takes place shortly after Captain America's first encounter with the Hulk. After finding out about the Fantastic Four's time machine, Cap wants to use it to return to his home era and save Bucky.

He's rather insistent on this point.

Iron Man doesn't have the heart to stop him after that. However, as Tony Stark, he does still try to tempt him into staying by showing him the wonders and achievements of the modern world.

Tony's tour of modern marvels takes them to the Smithsonian, where Cap learns about the history of American space flight.

They eventually make their way to a Captain America exhibit, and Cap finds out about the Caps and Buckys that came after him.

[personal profile] thelazyreader 2011-01-15 11:55 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not sure what the purpose this retconned origin will serve at this point. Can't we just focus on the present instead of looking back at Cap's past? Or is Marvel planning to milk money on a LONG series about Cap returning to the past and fighting under various identities all the way to the modern day?
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It gives them an excuse to make more books about his origin so that they can sell in trades to conincide with the movie. That's about it.