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So 'dead means dead,' huh?

Unless you're a big name writer's pet character, I guess.

Congo Bill is still looking for his pal Malavar, the gorilla scientist who Prometheus kidnapped back in CRY FOR JUSTICE. From what he's been able to piece together, Malavar escaped and was last seen searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Figuring that wherever the Fountain is, it's their best lead, Bill and Starman seek out an individual they know for a fact knows its location.

They track down the Fountain of Youth, which turns out be a Lazarus Pit, in Florida. Malavar's there too.

Some bad guys attack, so Blue and Gold and friends have to fend them off long enough for Malavar's friend to fully resurrect. They do, and he does:

They use the JLA teleporters to send him home.

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We can observe a dolphins sexual habits and make inferences based on the wider behaviour of the species, but because we can't communicate with them on their own terms, we can't comprehend what makes a particular dolphin be attracted to a particular other dolphin, not on an individual basis at least.

And as it turns out dolphin sexuality is confusing enough.
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You could say the same thing about humans, couldn't you? As in, "I have no idea what she sees in him."

Ah, dolphin love.
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Oh indeed you can at the basest level, but assigning it to another species increases the indication of "other-ness". You could look at a flamboyant "out" guy and guess he was gay. Possibly dolphins do the same thing, but we have no concept of what would count as "flamboyant" to them (Though pierced fins, glitter on the flukes, a blowhole ring might be indicative I suppose)

And why, when you say "dolphin love", do I hear it in Barry White's awesome rumbling growl, with a funk soundtrack underpinning it?