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My bookshelves are groaning. My wallet is empty. To that end, I'm on bookstrike, having sworn off buying books for the month of January. I've got into the habit of having a grumpy day and just giving Amazon money to make myself feel better.

The last example of bibliotherapy that the postman delivered was Dark Avengers: Ares, a volume that collects the 5 part Oeming series where Ares has to save his son and the Greek pantheon from Mikaboshi and the 3 part Gillen series where Norman Osborn puts Ares in charge of training H.A.M.M.E.R. troops.

Both are excellent.

This is an extract from the Oeming series, where the Greek gods have appealed to their God of War for help as Mikaboshi's demons besiege Olympus. They've already scarred Achilles and are too much for gods such as Hercules. And so, the gods realise that they need a god who is prepared to do what no other god will do

And we all know that

And we know it from this.

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