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Further Fiendish Plots of Ah Ku, Princess of Crime (Part 1 of 3)

When we last saw Princess Ah Ku, she fell into the bottomless pit. But, as [personal profile] psychopathicus_rex rightfully pointed out, villains do this sort of thing all the time, and it rarely stops them from coming back. And, sure enough, our hero, the fearless Bob Phantom, finds himself facing off against Ah Ku in the very next issue. And this time, the Princess of Crime is after something else.

The following story as originally printed in Top-Notch Comics #5. Writing by Harry Shorten, art by somebody credited as "Gerry Thorpe"

Top-Notch Comics 05 - Bob Phantom - Page 1
Top-Notch Comics 05 - Bob Phantom - Page 2
Top-Notch Comics 05 - Bob Phantom - Page 3
Top-Notch Comics 05 - Bob Phantom - Page 4
Top-Notch Comics 05 - Bob Phantom - Page 5
Top-Notch Comics 05 - Bob Phantom - Page 6

Will Bob Phantom ever capture the fiendish Ah Ku? Will the Princess of Crime ever come up with a plan that doesn't involve overly elaborate death traps? Tune in next time, only at SCANS_DAILY!

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2011-01-27 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
So is it ever actually said that Walt Whitney and Bob Phantom are the same man, or are we just supposed to infer it? It's not surprising that BP hasn't been used much lately if the former's the case - Walt Whitney is so obvious a pseudonym for Walter Winchell that it loses quite a bit in a world where a good deal of your potential audience has never even HEARD of Winchell, let alone read his column.
I definitely prefer Princess Ah-Ku in her slinky dragon lady persona, rather than the gender-bending doctor getup she wears here - but it's all cool! It proves she's versatile. Thanks!

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2011-01-27 09:54 am (UTC)(link)
Well, no, they don't HAVE to, but that particular variety of gossip columnist is one that has more or less passed from the scene. Winchell and those like him were something like the 'People Magazine' of his day - if you got mentioned in his column, you were either somebody worth watching or stood a good chance of BECOMING somebody worth watching. There was even a song written about him! The readers of the time would have known all this, and understood instinctively just how influential a person this Walt Whiney was - a modern audience probably wouldn't get all that.
Hmm... Any chance Archie would be interested in cutting a deal...?

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2011-01-28 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
I suppose so, but it wouldn't really be the same - I don't know of any bloggers that have songs written about them, do you? Still, you're right, he WOULD be well-known.
Ooh - nifty! Next time I need a Dragon Lady-type villain, maybe I'll work her in somehow.

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2011-01-28 07:08 am (UTC)(link)
I suppose he could be a sort of very influential super-blogger, like Ariana Huffington, only for celebrity gossip...
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[personal profile] sadoeuphemist 2011-01-27 07:31 am (UTC)(link)
She puts on a surgical mask and she looks Caucasian, she takes it off and turns yellow. Versatile indeed!

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2011-01-27 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
It's a MAGICAL surgical mask!