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That's all she got this month, but it is more than enough for me. A full mugshot on the first page that officially welcomes her into Marvel history as a member of the Avengers?

Yes please.

(Full page from New Avengers #8 after the cut.)

No, we did not learn any more about the mystery relationship between Wolverine and Squirrel Girl. For that, we are left to our own devices.

Those sketchcards by Katie Cook, Mike Miller, and John Haun must tide us over for now. Were they lovers? Did she whoop him so bad he couldn't face himself in the morning? Are they related by blood?

Only Bendis knows for sure, but we do have one thing certain after New Avengers #8.

Squirrel Girl made it to the first page of a major Marvel title as a member of the New Avengers.

She. Has. Arrived.

Date: 2011-01-30 08:53 pm (UTC)
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Can you make your picture outside the cut a bit bigger please?

My wife and I are on the sun deck and can't quite see it in the lounge.

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