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So in March, we're getting IDW's Heart of Darkness, a five-issue Abnett/Lanning about a big purple alien and his plans for the universe.

That'll evidently be coming out of Transformers' Infestation tie-in, which spins out of Ashley Wood's "Zombies vs Stuff" like the others.

..whose ship has just come down flaming in the Las Vegas Strip, discharging some who've come to happen in Vegas:

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As the first Infestation issue established, the Undermind directing this unholy plague is receptive to both flesh and steel.. so does that zombie Sweep mean Galvatron and co. are slaved to another primal darkness?

Of course not, as they follow the unliving out:

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(That's Bayonet. She doesn't quite look like a Cybertronian, and she's here because of the zombie plague. And why does no one seem to notice?

A good question whose answer probably lies in the nature of the Undermind's attack.)

Galvatron's either a considerate catalyst of chaos, or he just doesn't want to throw more fleshy things at the walking plague vectors.

Probably the latter in all our eyes, including the offscreen Prime, backed up by the combined forces of Bumblebee's Autobots, maybe some Wreckers (atleast Kup's there), and Commander Witwicky's crash suit detachment.

So surely all parties involved will come together and turn on the zombies, right?

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Of course not!

Still, it's nice to know that he'll be like any Galvatron; that is to say, attempt to achieve his goals through not entirely rational means.

It's also nice to see a clever usage of continuity in a line that's been tending to, ah, steamroll on ahead:

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Cultural exchange indeed! Though why this Kup would concern himself with classicism, well..

Yeah, let's just see what Galvatron's up to right now:

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Business as usual, thanks to his frantic lack of subtlety.

Indeed, it's only liberal inhibitor application that gets him to finally tell the story of why all this started.

See, one day he and his friends found a thing much like the Dead Universe they used to work for. So they caught the first thing it spat out, eager to plumb its secrets, except..

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As for Kup's sudden cigar-less psychosis?

Well, let's just say it lets the backgrounding Bayonet make her move..
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