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I mean, it was disastrous in the literal sense of annihilating the Wildstorm Universe (it got better), but you're right, I'm probably remembering Armageddon through the lens of my entitled Wildstorm fanpain. Maybe I'll try to reread it now the rage (and Wildstorm) are over.

Ted was the least explored and developed character in the series, I'd say, so glossing over his history with Cap doesn't surprise me much. Firestorm had the leukaemia plot, Cap had the stuff with Monarch, Booster had the armour/tentacle lion debacle, Maxima and Will had a relationship (I'd quite like to post scans from that, because there's some interesting stuff where Will calls Maxima out for fetishizing him); even the *Wonder Twins* got an arc. Ted just hung around driving the Bug, making clothes for Booster, and wisecracking.

What I didn't get about the subtext was this: if the two women are assuming that Nate is talking to Ted about being gay, why do they storm off with their noses in the air when Ted comes up with his (totally boggling) cover story?

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