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This is for [personal profile] ravenous_raven, who requested the page of the young X-Men and the Runaways partying together. Here it is with a little bit of context.

From the story 'Mollifest Destiny' in Runaways #10.

Molly Hayes has answered a telepathic message for all mutants to come to San Francisco.

"Where do mutants come from?"
XD I love that.

While Molly's with the X-Men, being given a tour of their headquarters, the other Runaways decide to check out the city.

How does it end? Not how Molly first thought it might (a fight).

Such pretty colouring here! Thanks, Christina Strain :). I hope the image quality does it justice, though.

But while the others were clubbing, Molly and Wolverine - her Cyclops-appointed tour guide/chaperone for the day - fall into the hands of someone who wants Molly dead. He's the only survivor of another group - soldiers? mercenaries? anyway, a highly-armed group of men - that "made a play for some of the Pride's territory" eight years ago. The results were disasterous - all of the guy's team were killed except for him, and he was forced to watch because of something that had been done to his eyes; afterwards he couldn't close them, nor could he move or talk. He'd been in that state - for which Molly's parents were apparently responsible - for seven years. Once he'd recovered, he went looking for revenge.

Molly and Logan manage to make it out of the situation alive. However the whole experience - particularly Molly's discovery that while her parents had told her that they loved her, they were also capable of being "cruel and sadistic muderers" who liked killing "[a]nyone who stood in their way. Anyone who crossed them. Sometimes just for being human" (families and children included) - left her feeling uneasy and upset.

Which leads to this:

And that's it for the Runaways' experience(s) with the X-Men.

Hope you liked the scene you asked for, [personal profile] ravenous_raven! :)

For the mods, this is six pages from a 32-page book and a 22-page story.

Date: 2011-02-08 07:36 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] g1andyp
It seems to me like Molly was usually drawn younger (or at least shorter) in the later issues, then during the first run.


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