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Coffee with Logan has the preview of Wolverine #1000 (among others) and some moments of these colllected stories are ok, some are bad. And this looks good.

Not the killing machine or God-verine, but the old soul, the worldly sage, the man who has walked a hard road and paid the price to walk tall, but in his heart he is trying hard to be a good man despite what the world throws at him and his own natural tendencies.

If that was a BAMF doll I swear Logan might buy it from this girl and hold it close every night.

And forgive me, I do not recognize the artist(s)
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I thought he had visible metal "holes" on the back of his hands to guide the blades out. Or are those only on his gloves?
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I'm pretty sure that's only his gloves. The claws themselves just pop out of the skin.

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They have to break through his skin and some muscle everytime he pops them which helps put him in the mood for a fight.
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It's changed. When they first introduced Wolverine, the assumption was that his claws were actually in his gloves. When he appeared in the X-men, Claremont and Byrne decided they were in his hands (otherwise anyone could be Wolverine). At that time, Wolverine's hand were depicted as having small adamantium sheaths just above his knuckles where the blades emerged.

Over the ensuing years (and heavily influenced by the movies) those sheaths have disappeared. Now the claws just burst up through his skin.