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Meh, too obvious a fake out to actually pull me in much.
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[personal profile] karunya 2011-02-09 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, but it's Jaime. Knowing that there's a nice young boy under the suit gets me every time. Way more than Robin or the Titans or anyone else, for some reason. I <3 Jaime like I'm his mama.

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so that's two The Lord cracks on Winick's part, then.

What's next, "Good lord"/"Hardly"?
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they are REALLY draging this part out aren;t they?

[identity profile] daningram.insanejournal.com 2011-02-09 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
If it took you issue 19 to figure that out, you can only blame yourself ;)
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This better be a fake out I'm tired of DC just killing of the newer heroes, this better get resolved soon because I'm tired of Brightest Day.
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I hope it's just the Scarab that's dead, and Jaime is still alive underneath it. I liked that theory someone else here had about that.

Yeah, it's terribly unlikely, but goddammit, that's what I'm pretending has happened.

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-02-09 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
it could just be a modified OMAC, let alone Jaime or Khaji Da
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Oh do let's be more tedious, Winick.
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Careful, he might take that a challenge..

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Second page, the position of Jaime's foot... Am I the only one who, at first glance, took it for a bright blue peen?
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Well, I went back and took it for a bright blue peen at second glance..?

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Yes, yes, DC. I totally believe this. Especially a few weeks before Jaime guest-stars on Smallville. I'm going to go flail around in grief and outrage now.

After lunch.
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you mean like how they cancelled his book the same month he got a recurring role on the new batman cartoon?

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Honestly... what is the point of this fake-out? It's just cliche, boring and we already KNOW it's a fake-out because Blue Beetle is slated to appear in Batgirl in a couple of months.
I just don't understand how death fake-outs even advance the plot in any way. Everyone is sad for like two seconds and then, Oh, welp, he's alive!
On top of that, you've got fake-outs with Steel and Phillipus and the whole fake-out deaths of PoC characters is just fucked up. Something at DC editorial has got to freaking change.
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He is? Not in any of the solicits I've seen.

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That was from the first few pages--during the torture, Max is further annoying Jaime by calling him "hombre," and Jaime says to Max that if he calls him that one more time, he's going to throw Max through a wall.

As you can see, Max did.

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Max: Heh.

Khaji Da: Host designated Jaime Reyes offline. Reverting to default settings... CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY!

*sees Max*

KD: Target designated Max Lord. Action: EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

Max: Aw balls!
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Well now I'm forever going to read Khaji Da with a Dalek voice....

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... I'd have thought he'd say 'o dios', but anyway...
PHEW at least I know this isn't actually happening.
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[personal profile] bwhahahabeck 2011-02-09 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Even though this is probably a fake-out, I'm still so fucking pissed off at this and this friggin' title.
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[personal profile] kingrockwell 2011-02-10 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
exact thoughts
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IF this sticks, I wonder how Max's Marvellous Mindfilter will spin this?

Suicide? Abducted by aliens again? Girlfriend magicked him away when the new Aquagirl tried to steal him from her?

AND considering how Jaime was at least on somewhat good terms with Bruce, who knows who Max is due to being in the past during the mindwipe, isn't it marvellous to think of how pissed Batman'll be when he learns that another young superhero he was friends with was murdered?

Max isn't making things better for himself when the Batman'll catch up to him.
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Yeah, I'd bet something along the lines of Khaji Da went out of control and someone bravely killed him or something like that.

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[personal profile] liara_shadowsong 2011-02-09 11:06 pm (UTC)(link)
All I can say is that this damn well better be a fake-out.
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[personal profile] fleur_de_liz 2011-02-09 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
So much rage right now. So much rage. I don't even care if it's a fake-out at this point, I've covered my coffee table in napalm vomit. Atrocitus ain't got nothing on me.

The art was pretty terrible in this issue. Paco looked like a forty-year-old man, and Tora's unattractive new costume got a mysterious belly shirt. Do you guys even talk to each other? Did Tora just rip the middle out of her costume between issues?

I give up. I don't care if Jaime comes back. I don't even care if Jaime and Ted both come back riding pink flying unicorns, I'm emotionally done. If anybody needs me, I'll be in the corner with my JLI trades and plenty of happy fanfiction.
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[personal profile] sallymustard 2011-02-10 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
Ohh GOD I KNOW, I kept cracking up at the art. One thing, though, I thought flashback Jaime was pretty adorable.
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[personal profile] zyriex 2011-02-10 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Why is the Scarab not going berserk? Why is the Scarab just sitting there like a good Sinestrokitty?

Also I heard mentions that Jaime was gonna appear in Batgirl and in Smallville?
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[personal profile] red_menace 2011-02-10 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
I refuse to get angry because I refuse to believe.
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[personal profile] mullon 2011-02-10 12:23 am (UTC)(link)
Bull. Shit.

[personal profile] cuntfucius 2011-02-10 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
Tora's outfit somehow reminds me of a Shetland pony ...
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[personal profile] siamesa 2011-02-10 01:37 am (UTC)(link)
I know this is a fakeout.

I know that.

But if it isn't, if they just actually killed off the character who got me into comics...

That actually kind of hurts.
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[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2011-02-10 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
Same here, Jaime was one of the biggest reasons to read DC to me.
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*repeats to self*

[personal profile] big_daddy_d 2011-02-10 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
This is a fake out.
This is a fake out.
This is a fake out.
This is a fake out...
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[personal profile] goblinthebamf 2011-02-10 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
ugh. even if this IS a fake-out, it's still fucking disgusting.

so disappointed with this title.
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[personal profile] proteus_lives 2011-02-10 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
Way too obvious.

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