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The only girl who has any reason to be a Wayne is Cass, and even in her case she was an adult woman Bruce may or may not have legally adopted but never actually was her father.

How old was Tim when he was adopted, though? 16, 17? I'm not sure how old Cass canonically was, but it can't have been much older than that, and to my mind Tim's relationship with Bruce has always been much more professional than parent-child - I'm still mystified that Tim goes around calling himself Tim Wayne now (Dick and Jason don't do that, after all. It's weird). I mean I think there's love there, but I don't think Bruce really raised Tim in the way that he raised Dick and Jason. Whereas Cass, obviously Cass was oldish when she met Bruce, older than Tim was, but I think Bruce had a way more significant effect on her personality, her values, her life than he did on Tim's.

My point here is that if Tim can be there, it's weird that Cass isn't or we're somehow supposed to think she shouldn't be there.
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Tim was 16 or 17, younger than Cass, but Tim had been building a specific father/son dynamic with Bruce (and having him as a guardian, iirc) since he was 13. Jack vs. Bruce as father and family was always a theme for Tim. Bruce offered to adopt him twice and Tim had a lot of angst about it and is still awkwardly thinking about what it means.

Tim's personality always focused on the professional part but there's a lot of stories where Tim and Bruce are making an explicit effort to be father and son--when Tim agreed to it he meant it. Even his awkward Tim Wayne stuff, which I think is ridiculous, is part of that arc. The whole arc of Bruce Wayne being dead was also explicitly about who was mourning him as father/son/family. This isn't the first Wayne family bonding moment with these characters.

It's not the same as Dick who was raised by the guy from a young age, or even Jason who was taken in as an adopted son from the beginning, but canon's openly dealt with the idea of Bruce being a real father to Tim--and Dick being a real brother--for years in the unique way it means to them. (Dick considers Tim a brother in a more literal way than he considers Donna a sister, but they're both important relationships.) Bruce and Cass have an intense relationship but are there overt mentions of parenthood outside the adoption announcement and Cass saying that Babs was like a mother to her? She's a valuable member of the Batfamily but she was never about being a Wayne before.