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I was all pumped for a Spider-Man joke, but then there wasn't.

: (
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But no yeah Gunshow is great.
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Nope, he never will. It's like Joe added a particularly stinky fart that always reminds you of stuff when Spidey's around.
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Yep, Tony has Alcoholism, Hank has going upside his wife's head, and Spidey has a deal with the devil.
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On the bright side it made us forget the Clone Saga.
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... I never thought of it that way but you are right.
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Somehow it reminds me of the character from Dilbert; Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light, and Ruler of Heck...

I always loved this strip from 1996.

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I figure Wally'd go for the first job, Dilbert the second :)
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Wally: It does help that I'll be fire free. Win Win as the kids say. (He never does work)
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Hey, that coffee cup doesn't carry ITSELF around!
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They're gonna burn the coffee cup?

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Kinda basic but still ha.
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I loved the little censor bar even before it became irrelevant.

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I loved it even more afterwards.

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Hah! He escaped from the censor!
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Too good in every way! KC Green is a filthy genius.