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To put this in context, Helena has just heard Dinah tell Barbara that she, Dinah, is leaving the Birds of Prey effective immediately. Her stated reason is that she wants to take more time to care for Sin, the young girl that Dinah had recently adopted. Dinah had met Sin while undergoing the same training as Lady Shiva, and found out that Sin was being groomed to be the next Shiva. It should be noted, however, that this takes place directly after Dinah and Helena's confrontation with Yasemin, wherein Dinah really saw Helena's dark side for the first time.  And then Dinah and Helena have a conversation with what is, to me, a fascinating subtext:

What makes this such a fascinating conversation is this: Helena is, in a sense, Sin. Helena, like Sin, was raised by assassins to be an assassin. Sin, however, was rescued from this fate by Dinah. So when Helena tells Dinah about her recurring dream, she is saying, in effect, that she envies Sin, and that she wishes Dinah had been there to save her.  So to me, this really was a wonderfully poignant and affecting scene, and was the perfect coda to the partnership between the Huntress and the Canary.
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