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A little something funny

OK, so after all that Three Caballeros stuff, I'm kind of exhausted with long posts for the moment. So, until I'm ready to launch back into the fray again, here's something I found that I'm AMAZED nobody's posted so far...

A little context - this is from the webcomic 'El Goonish Shive', which I think most people here would get a kick out of. In the strips preceding this, Grace (the dark-skinned girl, who, by the way, is actually a shapeshifting squirrel-girl) has expressed reluctance in signing up for self-defense classes, since she's already capable of shapeshifting into a 'battle-form' and tearing her enemies apart if she needs to.
Enter Justin, the resident comics nerd:

Oh, Justin, you so crazy...
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There is a limit to how many cliches you can use before the eventual eye-rolling. XD
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FEAR you say?! Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to greed, greed leads to misery, misery leads to despair, despair leads to crying, crying leads to tears, tears leads to sniffing, sniffing leads to tissues, tissues leads to-

*Two hours later*

poverty, poverty leads to hunger, hunger leads to steak, steak leads to sir frying..... Ah, screw it. Just train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. Best guidance ever.
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You weren't too attached to that thigh right?
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Bloodlust or gluttony.
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Ah, screw it. Just train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.[/quote]

Surprisingly enough, that sums it all up. =)
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Actually, Grace is reluctant because to her ,fighting = hurting people. Justin is trying to convince her to take martial arts lessons so she can learn to defend herself and others without going into "hellbeast mode".
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Yeah, Yoda Justin is seven types of adorable. Just need to say that.
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I thought it was a quote Darth Vader used on Luke when he tried to deny him being his father. Did I miss something *is confused*
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I figured it was a "Search your feelings, Luke! You know it to be true!" reference.
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Also, in the latest sketch from EGS we find that Grace is a fan of the ponies: