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Four pages from UNCANNY X-FORCE #5. Wade Wilson has some concern over the outcome of X-Force's previous mission.

X-Force found out Clan Akkaba had resurrected Apocalypse. They went to kill him, only to find out En Saba Nur was a little kid. There was some debate over what to do with him.

Then Fantomex shot the boy in the head.

The team is at Cavern-X, a kind of X-Men trophy room/time capsule that Warren built.

Logan can't miss his Avengers time. He won't be able to speak in short clipped sentences sarcastically commenting on everything.
Deadpool's costume isn't miscolored. They all wear blue costumes while in X-Force.

Ah, yes. The "doing immoral things so moral people won't have to" argument.

Logan was going to rescue Li'l Apocalypse. Then Fantomex killed L'il Apocalypse.
I like how Wade isn't arguing with Logan, just pointing out the facts.

Wade Wilson not taking money. Wow.

The rest of the issue is Fantomex getting attacked by Deathlok-style superheroes who want The World from Grant Morrison's "Assault on Weapon Plus" story.
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