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Hey look, "Teen Titans" finally remembered that Kid Eternity had been kidnapped by Calculator!

Uhm. Well. Some closure is better than none, right?

(On the upside, this was revealed to not be the real Calculator so, hey, maybe he's really okay.)

Date: 2011-02-25 03:49 am (UTC)
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I agree completely. This was a phenomenal but missed opportunity. Here's a usually supportive team designed to help kids learn to be better heroes that *also* contains people who know exactly what he's going through in the trying-not-to-be-evil stakes. Rose and Raven, in particular, had a lot to offer him in that respect, which probably explains their patience with him/advocacy for him.

I'm actually quite annoyed that we never saw him interact with Raven. She trumps him on the evil parent/destined to be evil side of things so much it's not funny, and was raised from birth to be a pacifist to his killer. She has a lot of patience and a lifetime of experience mastering self-control, two things Damian needs to learn, and knows the value of giving people additional chances very, very well. It could have been very good for him, and given her a relationship with someone that isn't fundamentally based on her need for support from them.

Interesting that she was absent from the Tim love-in shot.


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