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Color me surprised, as this is the second time in a row that a BND issue was pretty good. I guess my final opinion hinges on how the next issue turns out, but overall, I thought this was a very solid effort in terms of writing and art and definitely one of the better issues of the BND era by far.

Anyway, the issue deals with the aftermath of the fridging of Jonah's wife, Marla. The bulk of it is a dream sequence in which Peter is reminded of all the people who knows who has died during his tenure as Spider-Man. I was actually impressed with the actual continuity here as we see a lot of dead characters from years ago...for example, Nathan Lubensky, Aunt May's former lover is there as well as Charlie, the girl Spidey accidentally killed during the Spider-Man vs Wolverine one-shot. I'd like to post some of these pages, but there's no way I could post just four and get the effect across to you. There's some interesting presentation here, with one two-page spread looking like something out of a M. C. Escher painting.

Basically, it brings up how Spidey doesn't kill people, with his villains chastising him and blaming their victims' deaths on him for not having the courage to kill them.

At the end, Spidey runs into the burglar that killed Uncle Ben. Spider-Man decides to take matters into his own hands, and beats the burglar into a bloody pulp, when...

The issue ends, however, with a hostage situation in which a new villain kills one of his hostages before the police even have time to negotiate. He says that he has he has no regard for human life, and if they don't do everything he says, they're going to have a massacre on their hands (he puts emphasis on the word 'massacre', so I'm guessing that's his name).

So basically, and what's gotten the internet riled up, is that a lot of people are saying that this issue is leading up to Spidey breaking his "no-kill rule" and that he is going to kill this guy next issue. I personally don't think it'll get that far, but if it did, what would you think?
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It may just be that I read it at the right age and imprinted on it, but I remain enormously fond of that Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine story.

What really struck me about Charlie's death is that they made clear it was of her own choosing. Spider-Man was half out of his mind and fighting Wolverine, and she deliberately jumped him from behind in such a way that he'd think it was Wolverine. Logan even explicitly states that she knew damn well Spider-Man would hit her as hard as he'd hit a guy with adamantium bones, and it was a suicide.

And then we get several pages of Peter not being able to think of anything but the moment he threw that punch, replaying it over and over in his mind, emphasizing the point that if it was a suicide, it was the most asshole suicide ever. Actually worse than suicide-by-cop, which is hard.

I need hardly point out that Ron Owsley, today the legend known as Christopher Priest, edited that issue.

Know what you mean..

Date: 2011-02-25 10:27 pm (UTC)
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It was kinda around the time I was really getting into Marvel comics as well, so yeah fond memories..(Loved the scene where Peter bought the knock off costume, that in a later issue fell apart when he used it stateside. LOL!)

Though if I remember right Priest (Using his old name of Jim Owsley) actually wrote Spiderman Vrs Wolverine.


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