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Bean the Duck....

Here are some of Bean's biggest scenes from "Sonic Universe" issues, 23-24, part of the Treasure team Tango story arc....

Here, we see how Bean reacts seeing old friends and family....

I think Jet and Bean are related like Conner and Duncan mcCloude...

And here we see that Bean has a special power....

.... he can communicate to bombs? That's like the city dude from Authrity... top THAT Bull's Eye and Deadpool!

We move onto issue #24, where the 4 teams are in a battle royale....

Around here, Team Rose and Dark calla  truce and bring the other two teams together as well...

And now the pay off for the entire arc in 3, 2, 1....


I imagine Bean as GiR in this scene "I can feel my HANDS!". This one age makes up for the comics retcon of Sonic Adventure 2, basically Amy's big scene in the Final Story (though to be fair, EVERYONE at SEGA seems to retcon that scene).

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Well-played sir.

I think what did it for me is that the design style of the Sonic characters takes me right back to Animaniacs, which Paulsen was also very prominent in.
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Yeah, I came close to citing the Buster Bunny instance (which is similar to cow, but less... strained as a voice)

Of course, to me Charlie Adler was always, first and foremost, Eric Raymond, the Misfits sleazy, underhand, malevolent bastard of a music producer in "Jem"
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For me it's Ickis from Aaaaah!! Real Monsters and the various bad guys on Bravestarr.
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Ahhh, we have a connoisseur in our midst! :) Aaaah Real Monsters is awesome AND underappreciated (Always loved the Gromble and Oblina, though for a sheer "ICK!" moment, Krumm's father (Who'd lost an eye and thus wore a glove instead of an eyepatch) remains pretty much unrivalled)