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THIS is the reason why I love the 70's. Yes, I know, every decade was the best and worst of times, but it's the psychedelic and boldness that I miss from this age! Check this out!

OMG the bold thick lines *flails with glee*!

I love how Wendy just stands there only to gawk in the last panel. X)
But yeah, seriously, did you see how they designed this heroine? She looks like a humanised My Little Pony!

No need to get SO excited, girl! 0_o

Man, that girl makes me wish I've learned to play the guitar.

Yyyyeah, that doesn't make sense.

And, oh, brace yourselves people. Here comes the famous EPIC ENDING...

Yeah, even though your miracle love hasn't even bothered with you until this very moment; It beats all doubt of getting it on with a celebrity that just wanted to pluck you out of school allofasudden. SURE it's pure and true LOVE. *sighs*

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the insane art and colors!

Edit: AUGH why do I always forget the IJ cut...
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