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Wait... I know the story motif for Fables, but isn't Dorothy suppose to be from the "real world" in a way... but not like the other Fable characters... I was think REAL REAL....
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[personal profile] bewareofgeek 2011-03-10 11:38 am (UTC)(link)
Real person, but in a fictional story. Hence, a Fable, despite being entirely mundane.

Keep an eye on Toto, I think...
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... then how does it worl with the Neverending story?
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The same I guess. Just because the 'real world' is mentioned in the book, doesn't make it the real world ( as far as Fables is concerned). It's basically a version of a mundane world from that book. Technically speaking, the Dorothy in the Oz books didn't exist, therefore she's a Fable herself, who happens to come from a place very much like real world Kansas.

Man, it makes me think that eventually Fable would go all META and they all realize they're characters in a graphic novel. SUPER META!
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And then they talk to Grant Morrison about his cat.
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I'd read it.
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That last comment by Cindy was really unnecessary.
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I can't help it. Cinderella vs Dorothy Gale from Kansas? I'm rooting for Dorothy all the way.
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Me too. And as much as Iike Bigby and Snow, the "glamour" policy was partly B.S. (especially since we saw the non "human" fables who couldn't afford a glamour were treated like 2nd class citizens on the Farm). I'm glad there was one prominent Fable who told them to shove it.
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However it's hinted that wasn't the real reason. Sort of like pulling a Red Riding Hood all over again.

I'm banking that Toto isn't what he seems to be...
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Wicked with you there. Dorothy's been kicking ass since her original stories.
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Waiting on the trade on this, but has there been any discussion on the Ozma/Dorothy connection yet? They were not only BFFs in the books but when Dorothy moved to Oz permanently, Dot was moved into living quarters right next to Ozma and made her "heir presumptive" and Princess of Oz. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry meanwhile were moved to a farm outside of Emerald City. I don't think the Dorothy of the books would abandon Ozma even for Tin Man or the Scarecrow. To have her do would be a bigger deviation from character than even Fables usually do (and I could never buy Dorothy as a villain, no matter how much I like Cindy).

The best possible outcome would be Dorothy secretly working for Ozma all this time (we know Ozma is sneaky and has her own plans). It would make sense for the former pacifist Ozites, after being the first Kingdom to fall to the Adversary and not getting help from the other Fables at the time, to only depend on themselves and have their own "plans".
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Interesting thoughts. The Fables Ozma has a personality so different from the Baum Ozma that I can’t assume any continuity between them anymore.

It's also unclear to me how this Dorothy in Cinderella fits with the Dorothy we've seen a few times in Jack of Fables.
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At some point after the 80s, Dorothy gets caught by Revise and edited down into what we saw in Jack of Fables, just like the rest of the Fables in Golden Boughs. When Jack frees everybody, she leaves and pops back into Cindy's life, as we're seeing here.
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When Jack frees everybody, she leaves and pops back into Cindy's life, as we're seeing here.

A Dorothy, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion are still with Jack in The Great Fables Crossover. I guess that still leaves time for Dorothy to pop back into Cinderella's life, as long as this Dorothy hasn't been doing too much recently.

Must be nice for the Fables writers to have a character to blame retcons on.
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In her very first story Dorothy is a contract killer. Wanna bet that wasn't the standard Fable contract Bigby offered her, but one of their "special deals"?

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I'm on a quest to read all of the original Oz books. Right now I'm looking for Ozma of Oz. I hear that that is where it starts to get really good.

I wonder if they'll touch on the "Royal Historian" aspect of the Oz mytholgy. It would be interesting if Ozma contacted Baum and forced him to make it a series(he didn't want to originally.) And then went on do the same for many of the other Oz writers up to this day.
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Considering that the story is set in Russia, I am surprised they didn't touch on Ellie from the Wizard of Emerald City
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Chiss is based on a character in Baum's Patchwork Girl of Oz, but he's...not this big.