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Titans #33

This is from Titans #33, by Eric Wallace and Philip Tan.

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Course...if you're not Wonder Woman and are remotely powerful....you have to go insane or evil and show off the grand canyon between your breasts.

Like the art but hating the lack of originality in this story. Also, Isis is actually the goddess? for real-real not for play-play? She sure gets pulled back and forth a lot by much weaker foes then.
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Isis is not a goddess but the people in Khandaq treat her like one and the power of the amulet gives her power to rival Black Adam himself (thus Superman/WW level power). You'd never know it by reading this book however.

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actually it made her more powerful than Black Adam, though I suppose that may just be in variety of powers, and I believe her powers are basically a direct conenction to Isis so she's sort of a living avatar of the goddess.