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Birds of Prey v2 #10

Four pages from the latest issue of BoP.

Everyone who read last month's issue remembers the horribly fake death of Oracle helicopter explosion scene. This issue doesn't waste too much time making it clear she was just faking it.





Apparently Babs is responsible for some of the really annoying events that have happened in Generation Lost so far, insofar as she could have stopped them, but choose not to. Thanks a lot, Oracle.

Catwoman stops by to see Hel and Dinah for the sole purpose of making it clear she's not fooled.

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"...for their immediate proximity to her at this point in time."

If only there was some kind of interconnected network of computers that allowed people to securely communicate with each other, and maybe...and this is just a thought...since Barbara can't fight crime on rooftops, she could use this "computercation" system to direct people in the field to fight crime, so she wouldn't need them in her immediate proximity. Hmm. I bet Gail would be perfect for that book!
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LOL! It seems like...I think she's saying that the only people she's telling she's still operating as Oracle (Cass does know that Babs is alive--or at least she doesn't think she's dead) are people close to her physically. So Babs herself is alive to everyone, but the only people who know she's Oracle now are people in Gotham that she works with in person because it's a burden.

So it does still kind of come down to a rather 19th century view of things. Misfit and Stephanie have to know she's Oracle because they work with her physically while Cass can be spared because she's in Hong Kong. Even though the whole point of computer identities is that they're different from your RL ID. For many if not most people the people they deal with in real life are less likely to know about their online life. She could hide her continuing to be Oracle just as easily from Steph and Misfit as she could from Cass.
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It's your first sentence that relieves me that DC has the good sense not to hand Cass over to Gail, because how are you NOT going to let Cass know Babs is Oracle? Cass has been doing the Cal Lightman thing since she was a kid, the second she looks at someone on that list she's going to know they're hiding something, and as soon as she finds out, how's she going to feel that Barbara not only lied to her but also forgot...FORGOT, thank you very much, Ms. Photographic Memory...lying to Cass was impossible. That's the kind of thing that's part of Cass's core character, and...vroot...Gail just ignored it. So, as ticked off as I am there's another notch in the "Barbara is kind of thick" column, I'm equally relieved Cass isn't going to be dredged through that book of nightmares.

Well, sure. If she wanted fake retirement, how hard would it be for some other wannabe to use the Oracle handle? Setup Proxy as the "Internet cafe" people can talk to, take a month off, and then have some person halfway around the globe, who calls herself Delphi or something, start working with Canary and Huntress. It could even be played as one of those twists Gail's so fond of. Have Canary, semi-underground because she's still wanted, mention she'd been doing jobs for someone, suspected it was Oracle, and then her phone beeps with a message from Delphi, who can't be Oracle because Barbara's sitting right there and there's no way a simple AI could be setup to throw Dinah off the trail.