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Four scans from War of Kings #3.

So, issue #2 of Marvel's latest cosmic event ended with this less-than-thrilling cliffhanger:

I'm sure you'll be shocked, shocked! that Lilandra doesn't die on the first page of this issue.

Her uncle, Admiral Ka'ardum, intervenes and remonstrates with the emperor that killing her would be a mistake, arguing that while she lives, she's the focus of all resistance, but if she dies there'd emerge another rival claimant to the throne.  Vulcan agrees, and orders that she be brought back to Chandilar for show-trial and execution instead.

On the way back, the Starjammers and Guardians intercept the transport.  Fight of the century: Rocket blasts Gladiator with some anti-Gladiator gizmo:

That was in no way completely telegraphed from the first moment of the first issue of this series.

Still awesome, though.

Elsewhere, the Inhumans are all dicks except Crystal.


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